Mistress Tiana

Hello, looser!
Greet your Goddess and your owner.

My name is Mistress Tiana, I am a real practicing domme, born to show men that their place is at my beautiful feet.

IRL I have a pack of submissive dogs, which are happy to get a slight moment of my care, so I decided to come online to see which other pathetic loosers are out there.

Mistress Tiana


Welcome to my realm, slave.

I'm your real Goddess and all men kneeling in front of me.

I'm here to have fun with such miserable pathetic loosers, as you are.

You are my loyal doggies, my sluts, my little bitches. I will take care of your tiny dicks.

Mistress and slave


My name is Mistress Tiana. Originally I'm from Ukraine, but now live in Europe. IRL I have several subs that I practice with and I also do BDSM sessions online and offline with those who is worthy.

I am strict, uncompromising and insightful. I know when you jerk off, for example now, reading this text and looking at the photo.

I don't waste my time on losers and timewasters, so if you want to associate with me, you must join my fan club.



More than 8 years I have been practicing different aspects of BDSM:
- pegging,
- trampling,
- foot fetish,
- verbal humiliation,
- techniques of bondage and discipline,
- sissy training,
- leather/latex fetishes, etc.

Prepare yourself to the world where your deepest desires are explored and your boundaries are tested, guided by my skilled hand.

Tiana bdsm